Graphic design, illustration,
and lettering in Chicago


Ninth Letter is the award-winning literary arts journal at the University of Illinois—it is produced as a collaborative effort between the University's Creative Writing Program and the School of Art + Design.

For issue 11.1, I worked with a small team on a set of promotional posters. The three of us each designed our own individual posters based on pieces included in the journal. We also collaborated on a larger poster that was printed across the backs of all three individual posters. To create it, we wrote down various things mentioned throughout the journal on slips of paper, and we drew them from a hat in pairs then illustrated the pairs as combined objects.

In addition to the posters, I also designed the table of contents for this issue.

Issue 11.1 was designed under the art direction of Brian Wiley and Maurice Meilleur.

Collaborative poster

Individual posters by YooJin Hong (left) and Kiki Kolakowski (right)

Press check at OSP in Bloomington, IL